You can now work with me from anywhere in the world.

One-on-one, and you will finally, figure out exactly how to feel confident when

it comes to creating a custom make up look you will absolutely love.

Make Up Lesson Services

.How does the virtual makeup session work?

First, we will need to schedule and book your session.

Appointments are available weekdays, Monday through Friday anywhere from 9am to 3pm SAST.

Once we nail down your date and we get connected, this is when the fun obviously begins!

One of the most important parts of having a successful virtual lesson will be the pre-questionnaire I’ll send your way once we set your date and your deposit is paid. This list of questions will enable me to focus directly on what is most important to you before your session begins so that I can be prepared to give you the full benefit of our time together.

Don’t be scared to tell me as much as you want and tell me all of the concerns and issues, you’re having with your beauty routine! The more I know beforehand, the more I can be of help.

Once we are live during your personal session, you will have the ability to ask all the burning questions you have. I’ll talk you through the exact practices on how to enhance your features while also sharing my tips, tricks, and even product suggestions that will help you to streamline your makeup process. You can even practice on your own face during the session and I will coach you through it every step of the way.

Obviously, we can do this all from the comfort of your home through your computer or smartphone.

Ready to get started? Let’s Go… 



Book which session you would like, or contact me directly should you prefer.

Let me know what time and date will suit you together with your concerns and what you would like to learn in your session.