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All things " Bat Wings"

Time to shed your wings and rediscover your self esteem with toned triceps.


Firstly, let me give you a bit of background on how this topic came about. It is very challenging at times to come up with the topics for The Beauty Pass (broadcast on Star 919 FM, Exclusive to "The Silva Edition" with Nicole da Silva, Tuesdays at 12:30PM SAST), as I don’t want to talk about topics I don’t have knowledge on and also things I have not tried myself, I mean how can I give advice on something that doesn’t work or if I don’t know anything about it.

I was sitting with my mom and I asked her for some topic ideas because the beauty pass is really about giving all walks of life the she’s he’s, them’s, and they’s of all ages advice etc. and this topic “Batwings” came about – of course I started laughing as it was so random, but then I actually realised, its not random at all.

Its something that men and woman struggle with and as we age its really something can feel irreversible. I just want to add that it has nothing to do with being overweight and it affects both men and woman. Im not joking by saying I do feel conscious about it too, and so does my mom.

I then reached out to my power woman sculpt instructor Taz Falconer, whom I train with daily and this is how we got onto tackling the batwing topic, in other words a tricep toning workout.

What are “Bat Wings”?

It’s common for people to struggle with excess flesh and poor muscle tone in their upper arms. with age, you may notice the skin in this area starting to become loose and flabby, this is due to collgen and elastin loss and sad to say but if you drink alcolhol and smoke cigarettes is can be a huge contributor.

What Causes Bat Wings?

It just so happens that the tricep muscles we don’t really use naturally in everyday life its not like lifting something where our abs and biceps are stimulated your triceps you actually have to train and of course with age the skin becomes lax and muscle tone diminishes.

So it time to shed Your Wings and Rediscover Your Self-Esteem! And I say this because in my research I was asking random woman, and men in the stores how they feel about this and the answer was really the same – no one wants batwings.

What are the options to get rid of Bat Wings?

1. Workout of course - which I would reccommend you try first - infact there are 6 months left of the year, start today and by January you will notice a huge improvement!

2. Brachioplasty, and or Lyposuction or arm lift, is one way to surgically address the appearance of your upper arms - please think twice before having this surgery done, do your research and at least give yourself 1 year to try working out, remember a quick fix isnt always a great idea.

3. CoolSculpting, which eliminates fat cells from targeted problem areas by freezing them. I honestly think this is a load of BS!

BS? You decide - Read more about CoolSculpting here

OK, the best option I can reccommend is working out....

Scuplt instructor Taz Falconer has created her own signature method, this method is combination of her formal fitness education and with 20+ years of cumulative experience, she is a magic maker.

(I have been working out with Taz for the past 2 months now and the change is REAL!)

She has especially compiled short and sweet bat wing work out for you to try in the comfort of your own home and the best is you don’t need any gym equipment and you can do it to your favourite song.

A bit more about Taz

Taz Falconer, is a qualified Barre instructor, and personal trainer. She combines this education with her training in classical ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and dance when developing fun feminine workouts.

Her workouts are dance inspired and designed to challenge her clients mentally and physically helping them to build lean, strong and flexible bodies.

Aside from fitness she is also a commercial model and has been featured in numerous TV commercials and print campaigns as a model, actor, dancer and gymnast. She created Wisdom+Wellness as a platform to share her love for both physical movement and personal development. Through W+W she hosts wellness events and workshops and shares her learnings on how to live with more inspiration.

If you would like to join her amazing online virtual studio from anywhere in the world, hop on to her website where you will truly find how to move, sculpt, and love!


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