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Brazilian Lymphatic Massage

A detoxifying and contouring treatment

Lymphatic massages are a gentle way of stimulating or encouraging the natural movement of lymph fluid in our body, which carries waste fluid away from tissues.

Though the body is designed to self-cleanse, this form of massage gently encourages the body's natural process by guiding stagnant lymph fluid along the pathway between the nodes.

Our lymphatic system plays multiple roles, the most important of which is optimizing the immune system to fight off infection and foreign pathogens in the body. It also impacts the appearance of "swelling" because it absorbs fluid that has leaked from blood vessels into the tissue, as well as larger molecules like fat and hormones that cannot be taken in by the capillaries.

Lymph fluid can easily become stagnant on its journey between the nodes. This is because unlike the cardiovascular system, which is propelled by the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pump pushing the fluid through. It works on a gradient, which means that it moves slower and is prone to stagnation. Lymphatic massage is a great way to push the system forward for optimal function. Lymphatic massages can keep sluggish lymph stimulated.

I like to keep detox in mind for many reasons when referring to a lymphatic massage. We live in a world with far more toxins than the environments we evolved from.

When we fall off our moulds – not exercising no eating well etc basically when we are out of balance you will find that you can easily start to experience small things like clogged pores or bloating around the stomach area and honestly a full-body lymphatic treatment would be the most effective at addressing the underlying cause.

What to expect?

With lighter strokes as opposed to deep muscle work. This form of massage has been popular in Brazil for centuries. I would say it's the number-one beauty secret of Brazilian women, right beside the Brazilian wax and Brazilian blowouts. World famous super models also swear by this treatment.

Normally the arms, legs, and belly, are massaged lightly moving the lymph fluid with essential oils and your therapist can even have you taking deep breaths at certain points of the massage, which helps to propel the lymph fluid in conjunction with the technique.

How Does a Brazilian Lymphatic Massage Work?

Brazilian lymphatic works on three distinct levels: inside, outside, and with relaxation. It targets all these tissues with one session only, and sessions are customized to meet each client's body type, issues, and needs. Ideally, you would be able to get a lymphatic massage weekly, but a more realistic aim would be for once a month. Some lymphatic massages use tools like wooden paddles to help the lymph along the pathway, but for me personally I favour a hand massage.

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Lymphatic Massage?

Your lymphatic system helps to flush your system of toxins and waste — ideally, four to five litres per day. This bolsters your immune system while simultaneously affording a leaner physique. Yet the practice can be particularly beneficial in a few different instances.

  • Fluid build-up or swelling

  • Healing from an infection

  • Post Operations

  • Feeling fatigued and sluggish

  • Overate and drank alcohol

  • Feel stressed and anxious

Is a Brazilian Lymphatic Massage Worth It?

I definitely think the treatment is worth trying. I have noticed an improvement in my clogged pores on my jawline and upper neck and feel more sculpted. It also seems like the perfect type of treatment before or during a vacation you plan to spend poolside. Personally, I cannot wait for my next one.

Bottom line, if you have access to someone who can provide you with lymphatic drainage massage, then I would invest in this service. There are self-massage techniques you can learn from a copy of "The Book of Lymph" by the celebrity-beloved lymphedema expert and massage therapist Lisa Levitt Gainsley.

For self-performed lymphatic massage of the face, you can look to facial tools like gua sha or vibrating sculpting bars. And don't forget that moving your body and working out also help to keep lymph moving. These are just a few ways to get the most of your lymphatic detox that can be easily worked into your lifestyle.


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