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Everything you need to know about the Botox needle

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


Unavoidably, every gal and guy will have a moment like this: you catch a glimpse of yourself in different lighting. You look closer. Are those the faint lines of crow’s feet? Have the “11’s” officially taken up residence between your brows?

You might shrug it off. After all, wrinkles give us character. But if you’re bothered by those flying bird frown lines or anything else, it’s nice to know you’ve got options. Botox is one of them. And when done right, the results look glorious.

Now I’m sure we all want to know, why? how? and should I even be getting Botox?

I am joined by my go-to aesthetic doctor Dr Candice Armfield, (owner of Skin Deep Aesthetics, Botox, Filler, and Threads Trainer); and we going to break it all down for you, the do’s the don’ts, and all things in-between.

This all sounds a little freaky, right? We’re talking about an injection with poisonous origins, and it’s being injected into faces all over the nation!

So, for laymen’s terms before you get Botox, make sure you do your homework

1. Find the right Botox doc

• Consider credentials and experience.

• Research the doctor’s previous work.

• Check online reviews.

• Meet the doctor face to face for a consultation.

• Does their philosophy align with your goals?

2. Make a Botox plan with your doctor

• What are your goals?

• Can your goals be achieved with Botox?

• Consider your age.

• Discuss supplementary treatments if necessary.

• Consider your budget.

• Discuss lifestyle factors.

3. Let your bank account — not you — guide your decision

What’s in your wallet also plays a role in your Botox plan of action. Botox is temporary, lasting about four to six months. If you like the results, you may decide to continue with several treatments a year.

Get in touch with Dr Candice Armfield

Whatsapp: +27 64 739 0117

Landline: +27 871355678

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