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Ice Globes

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The inside secret behind celebrities' flawless skin


"Studies show that the cold shock improves skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and puffy eyes by causing blood vessels to constrict, firming and tightening the skin, your blood vessels then swell back up with fresh, nutrient-rich blood."

One of the easiest ways to treat yourself to the luxury of an at-home facial is by way of beauty tools, including the best ice globes and cryotherapy tools the skin-care industry has to offer. It's not a bad wake-up call, either!

Ice globes are a modern avatar of the natural ice cube treatment taking over shelfs across the world, and for good reason. In fact, ice globes are also the secret behind celebrities' flawless skin. Skin icing – or facial cryotherapy – is one of the latest skincare trends flooding the social reels – and for good reason. Quite apart from the mesmerising effect of watching celebrities and facialists massage ice globes onto their faces, the action of skin icing tightens and contracts the skin, leaving it sculpted and plump with an outdoorsy glow. Now I know this technique from the film industry the amount of faces I have ice dunked and massages in and with ice is countless. It really is magic and it is all instant gratification.

A case in point is Irina Shayk, whose morning skincare routine comprises an ice tool and she says “Trust me, it works!” and listen if she says so then I’m all for it. Remember this one is for the men out there as well, in fact the male Bollywood celebs go mad for it.

Ice globes are one of the most popular and emerging beauty tools with one spherical end, meant to be frozen to provide a cooling sensation on the skin when used. Like ice cubes, ice globes promote lymphatic drainage and help strengthen skin elasticity but are far less messy. Explaining its unprecedented popularity on skincare influencers' beauty shelves. Ice globes offer more optimal usage and accelerate the benefits of incorporating ice into your skincare regime.

How is it different from rubbing ice on your face?

Rubbing ice directly on your face can leave your face highly sensitised and, in extreme cases, also trigger issues like rosacea and inflammation, Also if you rub ice directly on your skin for too long, you are at the risk of an Ice burn. Just the way you get a heat burn, you can get an ice burn, which can leave a scar too. Ice globes are usually at a 1-3 degrees temperature, thus eliminating such risks.

What are the benefits?

Studies show that the cold shock improves skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and puffy eyes by causing blood vessels to constrict, firming and tightening the skin, your blood vessels then swell back up with fresh, nutrient-rich blood. This temporary increase in localized blood flow enhances the performance of your skin-care products by helping actives to penetrate deeper In a nut shell you give the face a natural lift and that glow. Think of ice globes as dumbbells for the face, tools which make the workout more effective. Ice globes work on the facial muscles and relax the eye muscles after a long day of excessive screen time. It works to even out skin tone, refine pores, and relieve migraine and sinus pain headaches more than a cooling treatment. And, of course, reduce puffiness. The other secret benefit is if you find yourself stressed, anxious, or otherwise hyped up and in need of a quick fix, take a moment to splash some cold water on your face. We (and many other mammals) have what is known as the mammalian diving reflex. It’s a hard-wired psychological response to immersion in cold water. The same benefit can come from ice globing.

How to make the most of your ice globes?

Freeze the ice globes overnight or for at least 45 mins before using them. Cleanse your face with your preferred cleanser and pat it dry.

Gently massaging with ice globes for 10-15 minutes is the standard procedure for using the globes. You don't need to be a skincare pro to master this technique. It's simple. The rule of the thumb is to massage upward if you seek a firmer skin tone and elasticity and massage it in downward strokes to encourage lymphatic drainage and help to de-puff the skin. Either way, you are a winner.

What results should you expect, and in how many days?

If you work out for a day in a month, will you have toned muscles? Consistency is the key to efficacy. Like any facial or beauty tool, it is imperative to be consistent with using the ice globes to see tangible results. You have to give it three weeks. With the right techniques, you can expect immediate calming and relaxing effects on acne and pimples. But only when it's used every day for 21 days with corrective skincare you can expect improved skin texture, smoothening of fine lines and under-eye dullness reduced.

So, pick up ice globes or innovative cryotherapy facial tools for a stimulating facial in between your professional treatments. I have some quartz and jade rollers which also work pretty well when frozen but they retain heat rather quickly. I think going forward I definitely require a mini-fridges with their tools for easy access in my vanity.

Where to get them:

I did a quick DIY icing routine this morning - literally using ice and a face cloth - listen sometimes we need desperate measures, and IT WORKED!

Watch it here.


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