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Makeup Lessons & Essential Makeup Brushes!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023


The demand has been so high and I get so many questions specifically about make up brushes I have decided to tell you why makeup lessons are so importantant and which brushes are essential fort every woman to have.

Makeup Lessons

The great thing about these is that you can now work with me from anywhere in the world.

One-on-one, and you will finally, figure out exactly how to feel confident when it comes to creating a custom make up look you will absolutely love.

What if someone is intimidated by make up?

You shouldn’t be! We are all in this together. It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a makeup brush in your life, or if you’ve been wearing makeup for years. If you feel like you’ll find value in what I have to offer, I’d be thrilled to set up your very own virtual makeup lesson with me!

Who are the virtual lessons for?

My personalized virtual makeup lesson can be for ANY one of ANY skill level.

What if you’re stuck in a makeup rut?

Doing the same thing day in and day out, and you feel that you just need an overall updated look.

Ok…so what about YouTube videos?

Those suggestions and techniques just aren’t working for you because it’s not YOUR face they’re working with. You need someone to teach you what to do specifically for your unique face.

Book your lesson today!

Essential Makeup Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes the variety and options are endless! And unless you’re a professional makeup artist, or someone who trolls YouTube tutorials religiously, it can be overwhelming when you ask yourself where to even start!

1. Foundation Brush

This brush easily blends liquid, powder and stick foundations for a natural, diffused finish that makes every imperfection a total blur.


This is the gross reason you should NEVER apply your foundation with your fingers

When you’re out-and-about, your hands come into contact with millions of germs on keyboards, cash, doorknobs, and buttons for train doors or lifts – all of which can trigger acne and break-outs.

While germs themselves don’t cause pimples, they can become trapped under the skin’s surface and block hair follicles – allowing spots to form in these areas. By touching your spots, you also spread P. acnes – the bacteria that grow inside your pores, clogging them and resulting in eruptions. And it’s not just germs you have to watch out for. The more you rub your make-up in, the more the oil and bacteria from your hands will clog your pores.

For the same reason, you should make sure you wash your makeup brushes regularly with shampoo, not just water.

2. Beauty Blenders

Remember how I said a brush for your liquid base makeup is optional? That’s because many makeup artists and YouTubers opt for sponges to get an airbrushed, streak-free finish. Thanks to their rounded, smooth shape, sponges won’t leave behind any weird lines or stray bristles, and their damp surfaces help sheer out your heavy full-coverage foundation, concealer, or cream blush for a natural finish.

The trick to using a sponge most effectively is to saturate it with running water, squeeze out the excess, then squeeze it a few more times in a clean towel or paper towel. This wetting process will not only prevent your sponge from soaking up all of your foundation (because it’s already damp with water) but will also help blend your makeup as smoothly as possible. Use the sponge’s broad sides to stamp and stipple your cream formulas across your face and the sponge’s tip to reach crevices around your nose and eyes. Remember to keep your blender clean at all times.

3. Concealer Brush

This flat-paddled concealer brush instantly provides buildable coverage to put any should I call in sick?-inducing blemish out of sight.

3. Blush Brush

Dust over the cheekbones when applying blusher. This brush is optional, as you can multitask with your contour brush.

4. Bronzer Brush – Angled

Angels to catch the contour of your face while contouring or bronzing.

5. Fan highlighting brush

This highlighting fan brush is captain of the cheerleading squad. It sweeps powder cheek products along the contours of the face for a winning, glowy finish.

6. Shadow Brush

A key player on your makeup brush squad, this fluffy, eye shadow brush provides optimal product pickup and blending in one swipe.

7. Pencil Brush

This dome-shaped brush applies sheer shadow layers, diffuses any shadow especially deep shades and creates seamless shade transitions for a soft eye look. This brush is also optional.

8. Brow & Lip Brush

Since the Brow and Liner Brush is really everything you need, I recommend adding a great lip brush to your collection! This flat-paddled and densely packed lip brush easily defines, blends and layers lip colour for a perfected lip look. Pairs with all your favourite lip products

Roxy Burger and I did a tutorial a few years ago with 5 essential makeup brushes, and thats all you really need.

Happy makeup applying!


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