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Viral SPRING TRENDS: TikTok 2022

They are relatable and totally doable right in the comfort of your own home!


TikTok, once the sole reserve of dancing teenagers, is now a hotbed of advice for anything from home décor to ramping up your lunch recipes. I literally had to remember my login details for the research on this one.

Here are my picks of the best beauty tips, from the app to add to your regime that aren't as gimmicky (or dangerous) as you think, and showcase some of the products worth investing in. You just might learn a thing or 14.

Sadly, not an excuse to drink another wine while applying your makeup, but a product that has stormed into popularity on the app. Grape Water Mist has users waxing lyrical about the fresh and bouncy feel it leaves in its wake. Plus, it provides an excellent grip for makeup.

2. Glass Hair and Skin

We mentioned it before – and yes its stilllll trending hugely and I’m obsessed!

Glass skin involves skin slugging - originating in K-beauty, slugging involves coating your (damp) face in an occlusive like Vaseline before bed. The product will act as a barrier, sealing moisture into the skin. If you can't commit to an overnight slug, try short-contact slugging, which only takes a couple of hours. The same principle also applies to hair, with oil as I mentioned a few mins ago – all all about that drip drip - Frizz be gone; it's super-shiny, ultra-smooth hair that TikTokkers are coveting. Aiming for a reflective lustre that resembles glass, saturate hair with an anti-frizz serum. No straighteners necessary!

Not one for the faint-hearted, but trust us, it's much more subtle and flattering than you might think. Take your lipstick and use it to contour your face, applying it to the cheekbones and chin and dotting on the nose. Once blended, a fresh flush awaits.

If there's one thing TikTok is brilliant at, it's finding uses for products that you might not have thought of. For example, a colour corrector, which TikTokkers are slathering onto cheeks for a vibrant and punchy blush that blends seamlessly into skin.

Watch Here 5. Contouring made easy

Ever struggled to craft a perfectly chiselled cheekbone? Its all about simply finding the spot on your cheek where if you poked a hole through, it would touch your teeth. Then, add a dot of product and blend for instant sky-high cheekbones.

The Korean technique of applying products while skin is still damp in order for ingredients to sink in, be absorbed and trap moisture for the ultimate in hydration.

7. Clean-girl makeup Heavy shadows and thick foundations have been ousted from the app, with everybody coveting the 'clean girl makeup look'. All you need post-skincare is primer, creamy concealer and blush, brow gel and a slick of lip balm.

8. Brazilian Glow Tan-touring

A new approach to fake tanning, rather than simply running the mitt over your face, apply in areas where you'd like to look a little more sculpted, e.g. under cheekbones and the jawline and down the bridge of the nose. After developing, you'll have long-lasting and natural-looking facial definition that stays put for days. Also, Cindy Nell and I have been doing this for years! And I love using Caribbean Tan!

​9. Contouring your nose with kohl eyeliner TikTokkers are ditching contour products in favour of eyeliner when sculpting their noses. The benefit? And what I love about this is there are a bigger range of colours to choose from, much greater control and precision over your application, plus a stubbornly hard-wearing formula that won't rub off throughout the day.

If you're looking for the sweet spot between natural lashes and the glamorous polish that a pair of falsies give, cut the false lashes in half and glue their inner corners to the outer edge of your lash line. Instantly lifted lashes that look subtle and natural.

Everybody knows the allure of a filter on social media, but what if we told you could mimic the effect in real life? A priming serum blurs pores, evens skin tones and brightens dark spots. You'll be selfie-ready in seconds.

Removing body hair is unarguably difficult, and if you plump for shaving, you can often be left with unsightly bumps and razor rash. Well, TikTokkers have been reaching for men's beard trimmers when shaving their legs and V area for a super-smooth finish that doesn't irritate – at – all – haha guys start hiding your trimmers

The beloved hair accessory of the 90s and 00s is back, but if your hair claw is struggling to contain long locks, then simply pop in a ponytail first, pull it halfway back up through itself before clipping in place.

14. Golden Hour

Ever wished you could splash out on a professional lighting rig to amplify your selfies to professional standards? A (free!) TikTok hack to recreate the look at home is simply taking your pictures outside during 'golden hour.


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