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Morag, an award-winning makeup artist, session stylist, and fashion expert, hails from the lush vibrant landscapes of South Africa. Her illustrious career is punctuated by numerous accolades, including winning the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Makeup, reinforcing her status as a true trailblazer in the beauty industry.


Morag's influence transcends borders, as she graced the screens of Netflix in the captivating show "Model" and earned her well-deserved place on Glamour Magazine's esteemed list of global fashion and beauty influencers.

Her remarkable journey began academically with a Degree in Somatology from Isa Carstens in 2007. This foundational step paved the way for her to ascend to master-level qualifications in makeup artistry and hair styling across diverse regions like the Middle East and India. Morag's artistry shines through her signature makeup and hair looks, which have graced the faces of celebrities globally, electrifying audiences and pushing the boundaries of style.

Beyond her role as a makeup maven, Morag dons the hat of a Beauty Editor for Candy Magazine, where her expertise in beauty, grooming, and wellness finds its digital expression. Her online presence is nothing short of captivating, and engaging audiences through insightful segments such as "The Beauty Pass" and "Glam Up."

Morag's commitment to nurturing the talents of the future generation of beauty professionals is demonstrated through her masterclasses across continents, often conducted in collaboration with Professional Beauty and Makeup Week India. Her wisdom and experience serve as a guiding light for those aspiring to succeed in the realm of beauty.

The canvas of Morag's career is vast and diverse, adorned with collaborations with a kaleidoscope of artists, designers, and photographers, leaving an indelible mark on global fashion publications. Her work also graces the screens, covering a range of tastes. From hybrid feature films like multi-award-winning “Alison” including Netflix originals like "Ray" and "Angelina," among others. Morag's small-screen ventures include NBC's E! Entertainment and shows like "How Do I Look? South Africa."

Morag's portfolio is as expansive as it is deep, covering international campaigns for renowned brands, and investing in projects with social impact underscoring her passion, authenticity, and global reach and influence. She has recently returned from India and South Africa is once again home, from where her creative journey continues to span continents, making a resounding impact in Africa, Europe, India, and the Middle East.

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