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Morag is a certified Esthetician, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist by the following organisations


CIDESCO  Diploma in Health and Skincare Therapy  (commite international d’esthetique et de cosmetology, Switzerland) 


SAAHSP  Diploma in Health and Skincare Therapy  (South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals) 


BTEC / edexcel level 6 Therapy,  Isa Carstens Masters International Degree Somatology


Isa Carstens Diploma in Health and Skincare Therapy.)


International  Diploma in Health and Skincare, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Isa Carstens Advanced International Diploma In Health and Skincare Somatology from Isa Carstens Health and Skincare Academy, South Africa.

Morag is officially certified in the health, safety, and hygiene norms for COVID-19 by the following organizations:

Barbicide®, B&WSSC, Skill India, NSDC, FICCI, Medvarsity, Nathealth & BIA.

The highest standard of precautions will be ensured to keep clients and herself safe with this regard.

  • Makeup and Hair Kit, as well as all tools and equipment, are fully sanitized during the makeup application and hair styling session using 90% Isopropanol Alcohol via a heated nano steamer.


  • Under no circumstances will there be sharing of makeup products, makeup brushes, hair brushes, or tools.


  • All makeup, makeup tools, makeup brushes, hair brushes, and hair tools are fully sanitized using 90% Isopropanol Alcohol and sterilized using a UV Autoclave system before the start and after each client.

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