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Viral TikTok beauty products and hacks you need in your life


By now, TikTok has convinced even the strongest of us to buy a whole lot of new beauty products.

No matter what side of TikTok you are on, there's always a handful of products bound to pop up on your FYP with glowing reviews from fellow users. The best part? They are always extremely practical and oftentimes budget-friendly —which you know I am a huge fan of.

In the past few years, TikTok has made upgrading our beauty routines possible without breaking the bank. I’ve found some of the top favs that you need to try and have in your life.

Lip Stains

Im a huge fan of these myself! If you’re a fan of low-effort makeup, TikTok has the perfect lip product for you. Lip glosses and lipsticks can require careful application and setting which can be a hassle if you’re on the go. But, TikTok users have taken to the app to share their alternative, Lip Stains. The beauty gurus on TikTok say all you have to do is apply and blot for long-lasting coverage, so you won't have to reapply throughout the day.

Press On Nails

You'll get the look and feel of stepping out of a nail salon with a fresh manicure, but in less time and with a much smaller bill.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

A little goes a long way with this product and it will blend seamlessly into your skin. I stand for it! Liquid blush that actually stains your skin. You can even opt of a cream lipstick or tinted gloss.

Airwrapping your hair

Airwraps are currently taking the top spot when it comes to devices that can give your hair the volume and bounce you want with minimal effort — so much so that they are sold out almost everywhere! It’s a basically a brush that blows out hot air like a hairdryer would as dries your hair and this styles it at the same time.

Skin Barriers

Especially with winter coming up we cant afford to have a cracked heel effect on our faces. You can't be on SkinTok without hearing how to keep your skin barrier happy. Invest in rich balms for your skin. My fav is Egyptian Magic Cream.

Infused body oils

Any oil infused with an essential oil, you can literally do this at home. Grapeseed oil infused with sandalwood oil is very calming for the body and it nourishes your skin at the same time.

Snail Gel

Dewy skin enthusiasts know that this is a holy grail product. Why? Well, they have a slew of beneficial antioxidants properties that help with skin irritation and can repair the skin barrier.

Brushed Up Brows

Ive spoken about it before, but if you are into the laminated brows look but don't want to commit to the actual chemical process, TikTok has found the perfect product for you, normal hold hair gel which uses wax to emulate the effect.

Get your watermelon glow on

Get ready to get your dew on because TikTok is in it to win it!

Does watermelon make your skin glow?

Watermelon is no exception. The same vitamins that benefit your body—vitamins A, B, and C—have great benefits for your skin. All have properties that help strengthen, nourish, and protect, and vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production and brighten up your complexion to boost your overall glow, so best you start face dunking in those watermelons.

Exfoliating towels

Whether you use this exfoliant on your legs after shaving or the back of your arms, you have to be patient to see results. But trust me, you will see them. Here's to another viral exfoliating product but this one isn't reserved to the face. Face cloths and exfoliating towels are making rounds on the app because they also serve to exfoliate the body. Before you jump on the bandwagon though, make sure you know what type of exfoliating cloths to buy.

The most important characteristic for exfoliating cloths is going to be the material. You want something that isn't too harsh on the skin will also be effective, like, microfiber or muslin. As an esthetician I suggest staying away from nylon and coarse, sponge-like materials, as you could abrade your skin.

SPF 30 Body Lotion

If you're still not wearing SPF on a daily basis and by this, I mean over your whole body, its time you start, as they say a summer skin is made in winter and just because it may be cold outside when its overcast UV rays still burn our skin.

Skin Slugging

Are you on “slugging” and “moisture sandwiching” on TikTok? I spilled the beans a few weeks ago already and if you haven’t done it yet, it’s now time to seriously start. I prefer using a beauty balm, but there are vids out there where they use petroleum jelly, please make sure your skin is fully cleansed before trying this moisture hack.

Fullers Earth Masks

They have been used throughout centuries and they are making a huge come back. From what TikTok shows, it seems the oils and gunk that live in your pores are no match for this old school fullers earth DIY masks. You can count on this mask to remove impurities from your skin without irritating it. If you don't believe the TikTok hype though, it also has great reviews on Amazon and Sephora.

Calamine lotion as a makeup primer

TikTokers have taken the over-the-counter remedy and household favorite conventionally used to treat sunburn, poison ivy, and itchy/inflamed skin and turned it into a makeup primer. But what you need to know first. Calamine lotion contains mostly zinc oxide and iron oxide, but can contain other ingredients such as and calcium hydroxide which are really not great for the skin on your face as even though it is known as an anti-inflammatory it can aggravate conditions such as rosacea, and acne.

Brightening the Undereye

Concealer is a handy multipurpose product that can be used as a highlight under your eyes, to cover up acne, or act as your foundation. But what if you used white concealer to highlight the undereye?

OK, it may sound odd, So you add white concealer right under her eye, then blend it out with a concealer a bit lighter than your natural skin tone.

Mattifying Sticks

Does your T-zone always get shiny but you don't want to ruin your makeup? Say goodbye to buying blotting paper in bulk because this oil-absorbing rollers are the new in thing and they here to change your life. Without ruining your makeup, this innovative tool absorbs all the excess oil from your skin — and preventing you from looking like a glazed donut!


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